As an GIS technician I have been using AutoCAD and for the last 2 years Manifold 8 GIS program. With my background in Microsoft I appreciate the fact that this program is taking advantage of and leveraging the Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 (currently 4.0) Net Framework technology. This technology reduces cost while offering powerful functionality. It significantly reduces the need for writing code for a given function. Drag and drop at design time implements pages of coding behind the scene.
That is why Manifold 8 costs only $800 as opposed to $3000 for competing products.
This web site has been created using this technology.
Granted Manifold 8 is a general GIS program not specifically designed for Geological applications.
For that reason we are currently considering to purchase Downhole Explorer by Datamine for the Drill Hole sections.
I like the 3D projections, among other things, that this program offers.
Our clients include: GWR Resources, Barker Minerals, Kranti Resources, Cayden Resources.
We produce Compilation Maps, Drill Sections as well as Assessment Reports and Work Proposal Maps.